To save time at your initial visit, please download and fill out the Intake Form and the Financial Agreement Form

Intake Form (PDF)
Financial Agreement (PDF)
HIPPA Agreement (PDF)

Welcome to the wonderful world of Chinese Medicine!

We look to meeting you and feel confident that you will leave your visit feeling more relaxed and happy to be on your way towards better health and well-being.

Your first visit will take between 11/2 to 2 hours and will include a thorough health history interview, an individually tailored diagnosis and treatment plan, and an acupuncture treatment.

You may or may not be prescribed a Chinese herbal formula, based on your needs. Most people do not find acupuncture to be painful experience; in fact, they usually find it to be incredibly relaxing, and sometimes fall asleep during the treatment. Follow up treatments will last about 1 hour.

  • Please have some food in your belly prior to treatment, especially if you are pregnant.

  • Please refrain from coffee or alcohol prior to treatment.

  • Try not to brush your tongue that morning (we look at it).

  • Avoid wearing perfume or strong scents.

  • You can participate in normal activities before and after treatment.

First office call intake form

To save time at your initial visit, you may download and fill out this intake form (PDF).

Financial Agreement Form

Please also download and complete the Financial Agreement Form (PDF).

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy, unless you are in labor or assisting someone in labor.